I’m animator focused on 2D and specially in cut out style. Almost all of my work had been in Cut-Out and Bone animation, I have not had the opportunity to work on a traditional drawn animation project. I really hope to do it soon to expand my knowledge and technique. I studied digital animation in Santiago de Chile, and since then I have been working for Series, Shortcuts and in one Movie (only one, yeah). I have done storyboards too. In my last job I was the animation director for a tv series. I learned a lot from this experience. I want more!

I love to make comics, it is my hobby and I publish them on internet.

I can speak english and some german (B1, almost B2). My native language is spanish.

My purpose in life? good question! I don’t know, I’m just enjoying everything I do in my professional and personal life. Isn’t that… beautiful?

See you! 🙂